What We Do

The Salikenni Scholarship Fund (SSF), established in 1996, is a non-­‐profit organization dedicated to increasing opportunity for education in the village of Salikenni and several nearby villages in the rural North Bank region of The Gambia in West Africa.

We provide:


Starting in seventh grade at the government school in Salikenni and continuing through high school

and four years of higher education in The Gambia.


For our students in the village and those attending high schools in the metropolitan area..


At the Salikenni school, designed to promote a culture of reading, with many books by African authors.

We pay the salary of the librarian.


We rent a large compound in Serrekunda in the metropolitan area where many of our high school students

live in a supervised environment, with regular meals and access to computers and tutoring.

We currently sponsor:

72 students in grades 7-9 at the Salikenni school

6 repeating grade 9 at various locations

27 in urban high schools

14 in higher education

4 in remedial classes to apply for higher education

123 total


Each year we bring into the program an equal number of girls and boys, in seventh grade in Salikenni.

We select them based on financial need and academic ability.


SSF is managed within The Gambia by a volunteer board composed entirely of our higher education students

and alumni, all of whom have been educated under the program. Dave May is U.S. manager; Anne May Hart,

treasurer; Libby May, communications director; Stephen May, fundraiser. Don May, founder.


The program is financed through contributions from individuals. SSF is a 501(c)(3) organization,

 which means that contributions to it are tax deductible.

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