The Salikenni Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization

dedicated to increasing opportunity for education

in one cluster of villages in a rural area of

The Gambia in West Africa.


The Gambia Goes Robotic

SSF’s Ebrima Marong was one of five high school students who recently represented The Gambia at an international robotics competition. The robot they built—with no previous knowledge of the subject—beat both the United States and Russia.

      The competition, sponsored by First Global, took place last July in Washington, DC. Ebrima, who comes from the small village of Mandori, near Salikenni, was selected by his high school, Nusrat Senior Secondary, to be part of the team.

      This fall Ebrima entered the medical school at the University of The Gambia.


Annual Report from SSF's Manager in The Gambia


It is a pleasure to be given once again the opportunity to highlight some of the successes the Salikenni Scholarship Fund registered in the year 2017.

First we enrolled more students into grade 10 this year than in any other year. The record was 6, but in 2017 we were able to place 9 students in high schools.

On top of that, we enrolled 5 new students in the University of The Gambia this year, and two of them are women. The success of the two women may be a sign that we are beginning to find the magic key that unlocks the door for young women to achieve their full educational potential.

I also am extremely proud that Ebrima Morong--our own student, born and raised in our very area and who passed through the Salikenni Basic Cycle School--was part of the team of Gambian high school graduates that represented The Gambia in an international robotics competition in the United States. Ebrima, currently pursuing a bachelor of science degree in medicine, gave us something to smile about when the team's results were revealed.

Moreover, 2017 is the year in which--for the first time in SSF history--a student who came up through our program from the early grades flew to Europe to pursue a master's degree. Amadou Njie is studying at the Rome Business School and we all are very proud of him.

In yet another first, SSF volunteers have cultivated a successful crop of groundnuts just outside of Salikenni. As I write this, it is ripe for harvest. Some of the crop will be sold to help finance SSF, and some will be used in meals at our Serrekunda campus. Putting all of these successes together, I think it is clear that 2017 has been a year to remember, and we are all very proud of what so many in SSF have achieved. Click here to read this year's annual report.


Ousman B.Y. Jarju

SSF manager in the Gambia.


Jainaba S. Bah, is pursuing a degree in environmental studies at the University of The Gambia this year. She has been under SSF sponsorship since grade 7.
Amadou Njie, an SSF alum, is pursuing a master’s degree at the Rome Business School.
Adama Manneh, far right, one of our newest students, with her grandparents and younger brother. Click here to read more about Adama and the rest of SSF's new students.
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